Body Warmers

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Category B Stealth Fleece for Body warmers.

Available in four colours Burgundy,Olive Green,Navy Blue and Khaki.

Following much demand for a Body Warmer that actually keeps one warm and dry we designed and trialed it in 4 colours Burgundy, Khaki , Oliver Green and Navy Blue.

The result:

A great success, it has a rich blend of practicality and smartness.On its success, we added  the Burgundy, Khaki and Navy Blue to our range of Zip Sweaters which were in the Tweed patterned “ARGYLL”  &“GRAMPIAN”  fabrics. (Zip sweaters  being an equally underestimated workman like multi-functional garment).

Made for multi daily use with many features  :

  • Proven under so many conditions ... and made in “NOMADUK” totally , Waterproof & Windproof highly Breathable hydrophilic double sandwiched fleece
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Shaped with a 2 way Zipper and functional shoulders
  • 2 Hand warmer pockets
  •  Wash at less than 40 degrees , treat like a woolen

 Price £140  Sizes S,M,L,XL