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                       Designed in The HIGHLANDS, made in EUROPE, with BRITISH technology and Sold WORLDWIDE  

In ancient times our forebears  in the UK were Nomads following the Red and Roe Deer  in a lifestyle unique to these Emerald Isles .....Now, in modern times we hunt and conserve differently  particular to this day and age of highly technical fabrics and clothing.

These  ensure that we stay comfortable , dry and warm whilst hunting in clothing that is functionally designed made from fabrics that … PERFORM

Perform, not at a “passable” level with short effective life span , instead at a very high performance level in fabrics sourced to be LIGHT, SILENT and ROBUST

                          GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY  !!

All designed and made to the satisfaction of an innovative professional hunting and fishing “guide” gleaned from personal experience in five continents, who, long time ago realised that poor clothing could ruin a customer’s trip whilst superior cloths and designs ensured that, even in the worst of conditions not only was he dry and warm but his customers were safe warm and dry  whilst enduring the nastiest of climatic conditions .. making a miserable day into a wonderful and memorable experience

        NomadUK is born out of Service and Innovation striving for the best     

Fabrics and technology used in making NomadUK products are truly AMAZING with many people now wearing NomadUK garments over 20 years old !!

Built to last and last, these High Performance, Country, City and Sporting clothes are Silent, Light, Comfortable, and, due to in-built chemical intelligence, Highly Breathable as well as being totally wind- and waterproof too

  Modern and born of the Highlands of Scotland   Nomad UK "STEALTH" clothing, is totally UNIQUE ....... Proven and dependable to cater with the worst of climate  the "NomadUK STEALTH" waterproof breathable fleeces are now  used globally in extreme conservation ,hunting, bushcraft, filming and survival conditions.

Individually and ergonomically designed, each model has a purpose ....and, ALL...... are comfortable, light , durable, long lasting and  high performing proving  to be not only GREAT VALUE for MONEY  but also superb investment in tough Recession times costing as little as 20p per day .

Long lasting ???      ...... ABSOLUTELY 

 Many deceivingly-strong, gossamer-weight ‘EXPLORER’ Chest wader Jackets have lasted  over 20 years and many of the "chameleon-like"  ‘STEALTH’ fleeces worn daily by professional conservationists, Ghillies and Deer Stalkers have seen several thousands of days on the ‘hill’...practical, dependable and costing pennies per day, .........NOMADUK Clothing is UNIQUE  …. In terms of Performance and Longevity it stands alone

 A tremendous investment ....

 As well as the NomadUK "STEALTH"s , are the various garments made in a peached microfibre with the same chemical system as the laminate used in the "STEALTH"s - these include various styles of Chest Wader jackets ( NOMAD, KENMORE, THISTLE, AQUARIUS etc ) but also Lady's and Gents country attire including Hunting/Riding Coat, The “PHEASANT”” Coat and the "28" or "GROUSE COAT"   - as well as Adjustable Caps, hoods and Sou’westers lighweight, packaway, these along with the shorter overtrousers ( unique to NomadUK) are part of a layered system that can be used on the Grouse Moors or Pheasant Shoots  ..............  

 In 24 years of use there has NEVER been a garment returned for failure in waterproofness !!  .........

Because of the way that the coating seals deep in the base fabric and the "anti-abrasion finish"  these GROUSE Coats and Overtrousers have been proven to out-perform and outlive  any"-tex" in the market place ... !!!  - available in both Olive Green and Moorland Brown in Lady’s and Gent’s   

 Many of our designs are multi-functional enabling styles to be worn in town as well as in the field. We also have a custom service outfitting not only for  the  Big and Tall.....but also....... Ladies ..We are always making new designs for varying interests be it sport or fashion-wear  ... Most of these will not be seen on this website so please  visit us at Game Fairs and Shows during 2017  for a larger selection of sample patterns especially of Lady's clothing  

 We welcome you to  browse & purchase our collection of products and services on this site and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. Also we have links to interesting companies world-wide.


Presently endorsed by numerous “Outfitters” and “Sporting Agencies” both in the UK and abroad too many to number here, we would like to thank West Highland Hunting (UK) , Swedish Pro-Hunter (Sweden) and Cardrona (New Zealand) for their feedback, supports and endorsement of NomadUK products

If you want to see them in use follow West Highland Hunting in all their films and Television programmes


NomadUK wishes to show appreciation and recognition to all of our friends and customers in sending us their photographs, and especially to Laura Crozier , Simon Barr of Tweed Media,  Jonathan Mcgee of  Shooting Photography,   Shawn Stoker of Stokerphoto and Sarah Mottram for their excellent artistic renditions.

 To all A BIG "THANK YOU". Please check out the latest news re products , events and videos.