Custom & Services

We at Nomad UK wish to give excellent service to you our customers, and in so doing, uniquely 'cut' our garments with not only a functional design in mind but also a functional fit - hence, uniquely,  we also include in most of our ranges the size XL Tall. In offering a large range of clothing we also offer a custom made service - please contact us either directly or at a show or exhibition and we will be very happy to accommodate your requirements.

We keep the extra cost for such a personal service as low as possible at approximately 20% for individual pattern work and manufacture. In the event of needing extra material the cost is dependant upon the materials involved and is also kept to the minimum.

We also are very happy to forward to your sporting destination if need be. Simply contact us directly or at a Game Fair for a fitting.
We look forward to meeting  you soon.

Custom Team Wear

 - Individual @ 20%  extra per garment based upon Nomad UK designs for patterns with possible excess for extra materials used.
- Orders for Customer’s own pattern designs, please contact by e-mail or phone
- Outfitting Estates, Clubs and Colleges...please contact us by e-mail
- manufacturing for other companies both in UK and abroad...please contact us by e-mail
- Colleges and Students on Game keeping or other Countryside related course please contact by e-mail as in supporting countryside sports and activities NOMAD UK  can offer garments at a discounted rate ( 20%) as part of our investment in the future of the countryside and countryside sports and activities.


- Re-taping Service = £60:00 inc of postage
- Installing zippers = £45:00 inc of postage
- Tears or re-panelling...please contact by phone or e-mail