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We trialed the Olive Green Salopette some ten years ago upon the request of professional stalkers in the very central part  of the Central Highlands of Scotland, an area of dirt track roads, steep stark mountains and often inclement weather. A harsh environment at the best of times, but which, in the worst...takes no prisoners. Good news travels slow and is rarely heard, but  satisfied smiles and a twinkle in the eye say it all! So do repeat orders. Just like trousers lasting 12 years and more, so have these shown a longevity and degree of dependability enabling us to introduce these in both Olive Green and in the Tweed pattern just in time and ahead of winter. Both are ideal when worn  on the hill in winter stalking, also on quad bikes throughout the year.

Many Keepers have asked us for a bib-and-brace like garments with longer back and protection for use when on a quad bike. So also have a number of winter High Seat experts in this country after woodland Roe, Fallow and Muntjac; and a number of clients in Europe in their usually colder conditions after Deer and especially Wild Boar. Recently inland Wildfowler's have added their desire too.


  • Lightweight, durable double layer fleece system with Olive Green layer outer protects
  • Hydrophilic /Hydrophobic waterproof, windproof, breathable laminate
  • Upper body has stretch braces with easy to use coupling
  • High front with lip-protected deep zippered pocket at front (big enough for keeping binoculars or documents in ), and, at back 2 x zippered entrances for ease to get at contents with either hand , or to be used as hand warmers!
  • Back is not as high but gives added protection to kidneys etc especially valuable when wearing Hooded/Hoodless Quadrider rather than Hooded Smock or Hill Zip Smock
  • Easy access to pockets of inner trouser (if worn)
  • Cod piece at front
  • Gusseted below knee with internal flap (expands leg allowing easy donning when wearing boots etc) secured by studs and grip lock. Means no need for wearing gaiters.
  • Silent when walking and / or crawling.
  • Can be worn effectively with the shorter bodied ‘Stealth’ Zippered Sweater, Country Pullover or Hooded/Hoodless Quadrider.