Just wanted to report in on the smock I purchased from you. We had a bad storm and flooding here last week and I was the only crazy person in the woods hunting. We had winds at 45 mph, temp was at 50, and pouring rain. I was comfortable in the smock. People told me I was nuts to be out in that kind of storm. I saw plenty of deer but none were big enough for me to shoot. Did kill a nice one last week though. Thanks for making such nice stuff. I have sitka gear, kuiu, and all the higher end US clothing but when it get too bad for everybody else to hunt I just grab my smock and go. Next on the list is a pair of bibs.


Bradley Owens



Philip, just a quick note to say that the stealth tweed plus 4s were perfect.  It was pretty warm during my week at Gaick so didn't end up needing the Jacket

but I have no doubt had it been cold enough, it would have been exceptional.  Also, loved the gloves and flat caps unfortunately my nephew lost one of the caps and I lost one 

pair of gloves so it was a good thing I had you send more.


I think the stalkers were impressed with the quality of my kit as they both knew of the waterproofness and durability of your product.


All in all it was a great week being able to take 6 stags (I took 5 and my nephew took the 6th) all with one shot each.  Thank you for all of your help.



Thanks again, your products made my holiday great!



Chris Thursten



Just to let you know that as a part time RFD I have just bought back from a customer a zipped hill smock I sold 5 years ago it is still 100% water proof and worth a good part x 

Testimonial May 2015


: Can't thank you enough.
We met at the shepards inn Carlisle at the BASC event, I was with the South solway wildfowlers, I ordered a stealth fleece after trying yours on.... I really didn't think I would get it until April,, it arrived two days after the event,, it's probably the most comfortable garment I have now,, would have went to bed in it if our lass would have let me......... Well done and thank you so much,, ,,, "may the flights be long,,, the gun barrel hot,,, and feet are dry"