G. Anti Midge Quad Rider Unisex

“Designed for Muggy Midge conditions typical of many stalking situations. A combination of the very successful “3 Seasons” range and the “Alaskan No-see-um” the “NomadUK Anti-Midge” is made as a proven compromise resulting in usage for at least 10 months in the year covering the whole of the midge season and more.
When it is muggy the cooler one can be……. the more comfortable we are. This is achieved by maximising air flow hence the base fleece fabric is NOT the NomadUK waterproof, windproof breathable “STEALTH” fleece but a water-resistant fleece that will handle all but the worst of weather linked up with waterproof breathable sewn in linings at all the pressure points i.e. elbow, shoulders, upper back and hood to maximise protection.
Fitted with a deep binocular pocket with zippered internal pocket and above this an anti-midge veil which is rolled up and held in place by a flap. The Anti Midge veil has a very fine matt finished mesh which completely hides any flash from skin also is very clear to look through especially important when looking through binoculars or riflescope …
Available in sizes from Small through to XXLarge …RRP is £210:00. Show Special is £180:00

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